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Tears of Kali (2004)

Tears of Kali (2004) - Fantasy Movies 106 minutes. Tears of Kali - La face sombre du New Age, Tears of Kali: The Dark Side of New Age, Lágrimas de sangre, Tears of Kali - Las crónicas sangrientas, Lacrime di Kali, Welcome to the Dark Side of New Age - Tears of Kali, Слезы Кали, Tears of Kali. Helmed by writer-director Andreas Marschall - and a piece of fiction passing as fact - the direct-to-video horror indie Tears of Kali returns to the early eighties and plunges into a nightmarish scenario wrought when several EST-like groups establish themselves in India. One of the more extreme communes, the Taylor-Eriksson cult, carries its "quest for self-knowledge" to a malevolent end, with numerous group members trapped, tortured, murdered and mutilated. Tears of Kali tells their twisted and disturbing story. Mathieu Carriere, Peter Martell, Cora Chilcott, Vronie Kiefer, and Nuran Celik head the ensemble cast. , , ,