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Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 22:08:18 EST
From: DrJJC19aol.com
Subject: Leo and young smoll porn
Jase, Chapter 23 (Category: Gay/High School)Wassup people! I have nothing to say really except thanks for all the
emails!! Oh yea....the next few chapters sees my story slowing to an end.
I'm so sorry for all you dedicated readers out there, but there's so much
going on in my life that I need to deal with..but have no fear..i will be
writing other stories! I have ideas for others at the moment actually..ALl
you nudist young girls
need to do young miniskirt
is to email me if you want to be updated when I start
another story and I'll put you're address in my address book and send u an
email when i get another one done!! Thanks to all who have been so great
and i'm soo glad my story has been so well-liked...Wow, I guess I actually
had a good bit to say after youngest ass tgp
all..LoL THanks everyeon!!Leo and Jase
Chapter 23
The holiday season was nearing and the weather was getting colder and
colder by the day it seemed. Cars rode around with Christmas trees tied to
the roofs, young girl toplist
houses all stood clad in Christmas lights and the city was
gearing up. The only mall they had that wasn't an hour away was constantly
packed with shoppers trying to get their Christmas shopping done before the
"real"last minute shoppers got into it.Jase and Leo sat on the couch in young boy masturbation
Leo's apartment watching the news. Leo had
his arm around Jase's shoulders and Jase snuggled up close to Leo, enjoying
the feeling of Leo's closeness. He smiled in contentment as he watched the
television, or rather, as the television watched him. He was in his own
little world."And now for the weather with Jim Cornell! Jim, how's the next week shaping
up?" the youngest links sex
familiar news anchor cut into Jase's thoughts as he began to
listen."Well, Bob, folks out there better bundle up and get out their shovels cuz
it looks like we're going to be seeing some snow before the end of the
week..."he went on to talk about the highs and lows and some other stuff, but young sex 3gp
sat up with a big smile! "Oh my young preeteen cp
gosh, snow!" Jase announced excitedly."Yea, so?" Leo asked, not understanding the significance."I love snow! I love winter! Having snow ball fights and building snowmen
and making snow angels....." then Jase let young amateur movie
a sly grin spread across his
face, "Making body heat to keep warm." He brought his youngest teens nudes
face close to Leo's
and raised an eyebrow."Now you're speakin my language!" Leo exclaimed, wrapping his arms around
Jase's waist and pulling him down. He pressed his lips against Jase's
softly, but soon the kis escalated into a more passionate, hard kiss. They
pulled away eventually, breathing heavily. Jase had his young boypics
arms around Leo's
neck and he smiled into Leo's eyes sweetly."I think I'm beginning to like winter," Leo stated coyly. Jase pulled him
in for another, brief kiss and then reclaimed his seat next to Leo, pulling
Leo's arm back around him. Jase sighed and closed his eyes, smiling. Leo
smiled down at Jase lovingly and kissed the top of his head. He rested his
cheek on Jase's head and closed his sexe youngest teenagers
eyes as well. Within minutes, Jase was
fast asleep, holding onto Leo tightly.
Jase awoke to find himself lying on the couch, young exotic art
alone. He blinked to adjust
to the dim light young erection nudist
that lit the room. He shivered young dro
as he felt a slight draft
whisp around him. He pushed himself up and looked around. The front door
stood wide open, being moved around by the nude young erotica
cold wind coming from outside."Leo?" young lesbian mpegs
Jase called out softly as he stood up and walked towards the door.He hesitated, as if something was holding him back."Leo? Are you young pregnancy
outside? Mrs. Chase? Ben?" Jase called once again before
stepping up to the door. He peered out into the darkness. 'How long have I
been asleep?' he thought to himself. He reached over and turned the porch
light on. He stepped out into very younger teen
the cold air and crossed his arms for warmth.He looked around and then leaned over the railing. Leo's car was hungarian young pussy
there.'Why would amateur young blowjobs
he leave without telling me. And why would he leave the door
wide open?' A sudden feeling of worry coarsed through Jase's body causing
him to shudder. He took a deep breath and shook the awful thoughts that
were running through his head away. Maybe he'd just not pulled the dor good
enough on his way out to get a couple things with his mom. He'd be right