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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 01:56:07 +0000
From: carl_holidayatt.net
Subject: High School: Kiel's Story Chapter 6This story concerns teenage gay males who may be involved in sexual
situations. If 14 hentai pokemon hardc
it is illegal for you to read such stories, or if you do
not like to read such stories, please leave now.This story is copyright 2006 by the author who retains all rights.This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either
are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any
resemblance to actual persons, sweet petite 15yo
living or dead, is entirely coincidental.This is my first submission 12yo girls fuck cum
to Nifty. Any comments or questions are
welcome at: carl_holidayatt.netA warm thank you goes out to all who've written. 12yo nudiste
I appreciate knowing
someone 3some doggystyle
is actually reading this stuff. To those who wrote wanting vile
things to happen to Tim, well, everyone has problems and Tim has had his
share, 15 yo cock pics
too.Kiel's Storyby Carl HolidayChapter 6 -- Tim is not KielI don't know if Tim was nervous when he rang non nude 13 yo
our front doorbell, but SEX H0RSE PORN TUBE
was when I opened the door. cuckold 5
He was wearing a loose, long-sleeved green
and blue plaid, flannel shirt; faded blue jeans a little tight in the
crotch and tight 1961 vintage kaysam doll
enough across his ass to make free 14 old porn
me want to touch it, which
I didn't; and shiny, black penny loafers with white socks. He was
smiling, showing off the results of good, expensive orthodontia. We stood
there a moment staring at barely 18 double penetration
each other. "Are you going to invite me in?" Tim asked. "Uh, yeah, sure. You're early." "It's 12:15, that's afternoon most places." "Come on up to my room," I said, closing the door. "You've never
been here." "I think sex 14 yers girl
maybe once with Stevie. Do you miss him?" "Not as much as I used to. After finding out he was fucking you and
practically not doing anything in return, and considering we only sucked
each other, I've been thinking he wasn't as great a friend as I
thought." "Yeah, but I like being fucked," Tim said, sitting down on my bed.
"Is you mother home?" "She's still at church with Sally," I said, starting to take off
my church clothes. 2010 gay films
"There's 16 boobs
some kind of children's program this
afternoon. I told her you were taking me out so I could fuck you and she
let me come home early." "You didn't!" "No, but I thought about it when I did come up with an excuse," I
said, pulling vancouver amateur usc 2257
off my pants. I was down to briefs and t-shirt. Knowing
Tim's short fuse, I wondered if he was p2p gay
up a little rehearsal. I sat Cum drippers 2
beside him. "Would you like something before we go?" "Um, well, yeah, but 16 yo panty pics
I was 2 girls kissing pictures
hoping we could get out 97 ford escort halfshaft
of here before
Kiel notices." "They gay boy 15yo video
don't get home from church 18 rated xx
until after one," I said,
undoing his belt. "Stand up, knowing you, this'll only take a second." "Gee, thanks, I appreciate your confidence in me." "God, Tim, you're already hard." 70s adult movies
"I've been that way practically all morning, thinking about what
was going to happen today." 3 d porn clips
"You've got a nice dick," I said before wrapping my lips around
the head. "It's too small," Tim said. "The length's okay, but you don't have any thickness," I said
after pulling off for a 18 girls nude
moment. He was wearing yellow and pale green
striped boxers. Of the kids I knew and seen in gym, 3some movie review
Tim was the only 4shared group sex
I knew who wore boxers. I liked the way they 42 by 19 vanity
concealed everything until
it was time. I pulled his jeans down, but left kamilla42 porn
the boxers up. "You'd better 14yr nonude
watch out I'm about ready to lose it," Tim said. I set my lips and tongue back to work savoring the softness of his
skin, the sweet smell of him. I slipped a hand up the back leg of his
boxers and felt him tense. "Damn it, Geoff! Oh, God." Tim's voice trailed off as his cock stiffened in my mouth and hot
come splashed against the back of my throat. I swallowed, 10 foot christmas stocking
taking him down
my throat as the orgasm shuddered through his body. I kept him in my
mouth until he finished as I slowly, softly caressed his cloth covered
ass with my hand. I imagined the possibilities those boxers offered as
they were definitely a turn on. "What about you?" Tim asked as I 18 blonde fuck
pulled up his jeans and buttoned
him up. "I'm in the mood for fucking today," I said, getting to my feet.
"I'll be ready in a minute. How long are your parents going to be
out?" "I don't know. We're going to my sister's apartment down at Lake
Woodin."------------We headed straight down to Oak Park Boulevard to Eightieth where Tim
turned left. At Meridian he went right and down the hill to Lake Woodin
Boulevard. I'd have gone on down Oak Park to where it turned into 16yr old pics
at the city line and turned left onto Lake Woodin, but flt3 adult leukemia
I wasn't driving. anime porn mp4 downloads
His sister's yellow brick apartment building looked old like it had
been there since the cities of North Park and Seattle settled the
argument of who owned Lake Woodin by circling the lake with a park to be
administered by the county. In the heady days between WWI and the Great
Depression, many apartment bui ldings were built at the North Park
trolley junction on the north side of the lake. The apartment building we
parked in front of was a block away from the lake and a hundred dollars a
month cheaper video ls magazine 5
than those 35x32 pants
on the boulevard facing the lake. We hadn't talked since leaving my house. Tim seemed out of sorts as
if 11yo girl
I offended him by sucking his cock. My intention, which I had no
intention of telling him, was to dull his response a little. I wanted him
to last a little longer than a couple seconds. I wanted a little pleasure
in giving him an orgasm, rather than having to respond quickly because
his dick was unexpectedly coming. I wanted to feel that I was doing
something other than just being there. 13 porn
It surprised me a little when Tim had a key to the apartment and it
was on his key ring. I was more surprised when he didn't even knock. Directly inside was the living room. There were coved ceilings, a
bay anus mp3
window, a large well worn over-stuffed sofa, a dark cherry coffee
table, and a turquoise side chair. This could've 2 girls giving bj
been 1924 except for TV
on a rickety metal stand in the corner. Pictures on the walls and
knickknacks around the room told me this was a woman's apartment, but
there seemed to be something else, some hint of another occupant. Then we
turned left into a small hallway leading to a closet, a bathroom, and two
other doors, one of which opened to Tim's room. This room was much different than the bedroom where Tim raped me.
That room had been plain compared to this one. There were black and white
posters of Hollywood stars on all the walls; model airplanes hung from
the ceiling in various arrangements that made them look like they were
landing, taking off, or engaged in 14 boy porno
aerial combat; the bed was a 6 way sex
and had a red cotton bedspread with navy blue squares of varying sizes
stitched across it like some kind selina18 freeones
of insane quilt; and there was a bottle
of lube and a box of rubbers on the nightstand. The teenage boy who lived
in this room obviously was cautious about what went up his butt. 12yo porn links
24 ichn cocks
Then 60 mature xxx pic
I saw the Corsair. The model wasn't flying, it was mounted on
a clear plastic stand. versace sunglasses 2010
The detailing was more than perfect with oil
stains, worn paint, and half spent munitions. There nude thumbs 12yo
wasn't a transsexual beauty queens 8
pilot. I
couldn't help but to get in close to examine it. gay boy pic 14
"That was my uncle's plane," Tim said behind me. "He was shot
down in the war. He lives up on Beacon Hill near the Veterans Hospital.
He lost his lower right leg, dick and balls, and left hand. I go to see
him once in a while, on sexi in 18 free
weekends when he isn't working at the
hospital." "Does he have any medals?" I asked. My dad had a ameteur 18
Purple Heart. "Yeah, a bunch. I guess he was some kind of hero or something. He
has a lot of sweet 15 nude galleries
friends who were shot up in the war just like him." "You sound a little sad talking about him." "He takes me to the pool at Thornton Creek Country Club and I've
seen him naked. It's not a pretty sight. War is something 2 boys threesome
I definitely
never want to get involved in. Bullets do bad things to people." "Yeah, 23 weeks into pregnancy
but to fly a Corsair. 60m amateur band
That must have been something. Taking
off from a carrier out in the middle of the ocean, then 3gp lesbian porn
coming back in to
land, damn dms nigth24 rapidshare
some guys have all the blonde 20
luck. With my glasses, I'll be lucky
to get to sweep floors on a carrier." "I didn't think they let queers in the military." "Well, it's not like I'm going to tell them." "Stick your cock up some sailor's ass and they'll know." "Speaking of which, come here," I said, turning to him and
planting my lips on his. He suddenly pulled away. "What's the matter?" "I've never kissed a guy before, not on the lips, anyway." "But you fuck, you have to kiss, too." "No 42 inch bath vanity
one's ever kissed me. They porn mp4 format
might stick their cock up my ass,
but no one's ever put their lips to mine." "But you fuck," I said, looking at him as if there was something
wrong. Then I noticed something I hadn't seen before. Tim looked
younger, a lot younger than sixteen. He looked practically like a twelve
year old, maybe thirteen. I had to know. "When was the sex 3gp filefactory
first time you
fucked?" "Tennis camp three years ago. We, Stevie and I, were rooming
together in this college dorm down in Southern California. Stevie got
real chummy with one of the instructors. I think Stevie was sucking the
guy's dick. Anyway, about halfway through Stevie invited me to go with
him to the instructor's apartment. They got me drunk. Then, well, then
they, both of them, fucked me. Then kept doing it, Geoff. One would get
off, then a couple minutes later the other would go at it. We went to the
instructor's apartment every night after that. Then when we got home,
Stevie was coming over to my house or I was going to his, and he
continued to fuck me." "You don't like being fucked, do you?" "Not really, but I know you want to, so it's okay." He looked just like a kid who was about 14 brass hoops
to be spanked by his dad 3-d sex cartoons
something he'd done earlier in the day. Well, as much as I wanted to
shove my dick up where it belonged, I wasn't Stevie and had no intention
of becoming someone that disgusting. "Come on," I said, taking Tim's hand and leading him over to the
bed. I squatted down and took of his shoes and socks. Then jp petite girl 12-16
I stood up and
unbuttoned his shirt, undid his belt, and unbuttoned his jeans. In a
moment he was standing in front of me with nothing on except his boxers.
I was amateur 07
reluctant to remove them. For some reason, seeing him in nothing
except those made 3 giantess and orphans
him very, very appealing to me. I was hard as a rock
and stripped as quickly as I could. porn 46
"I think it's time someone showed you some of the android 18 porn
more bleach 272 eng sub
parts of guy sex," I said, pulling panties 12yo
down his boxers. Then I saw him as
I've never seen him before. He really was a 68 com porn clip
little kid. Obviously,
puberty was taking its time with Tim. I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. My lips started on
his forehead and worked their way down and around his face. I came close,
but not too cycle 9 episode 13
close, to his soft, tender lips. My hands floated across the
soft skin on Tim's back reaching down occasionally to knead his ass
cheeks. When my lips finally zeroed in on his, he was ready. Actually, he
was more ready than I was. I felt the spasms course through Tim's body
as another orgasm spewed hot 16 yr latina nude
come onto both of us. "Sorry," 16 yo sex nude
Tim said, trying to 3m rubber step pads
pull out of our embrace. "There's nothing 13-17 naked girls pics
to be sorry about," I said, holding him, not
wanting him to get away that easily. Personally, I think he was trying
too hard, practically forcing himself to have orgasms to get it over
with, but I had all afternoon to have mine and I wasn't in any hurry.
And, I wasn't going to fuck him, either. "Come on, amateur over 28
lie down on the
bed." We kissed and touched and licked and caressed each other until I
didn't think he could come anymore. I never imagined a kid could aggrivated assault mp3
that much semen, we were practically swimming in the stuff. "Use your hand to get me off," I said as I rolled onto my back.
"Come on, I know you like the feel of it." I certainly loved the feel of his soft hand around my 12 yrs old nude
cock. He came
just about the time I did and neither of us was touching nonude 14 yo girl
his cock. It did
it all on its own. "Thank you for not doing me like Stevie did," Tim said after
wiping our come up with a damp washcloth. "I kind of liked doing what we
did." "Sex is supposed to be mutual, Tim. It's not supposed to be one
sided. I can't imagine how you put up with that dickhead. I'd have cut
him off a long time ago if I'd known what he was doing to you." "That instructor told me I had to let Stevie do that to me. It was
supposed to help his game, or some shit keygen norton360
like that. I actually believed it
at first. After a year or so I realized Stevie wasn't interested in me
any more than having a convenient place to shove his cock, but by then I
couldn't figure out how 1836 private road act
to end it." Then he surprised me. porn 70
I'd gotten hard again, mostly because he
hadn't stopped rubbing my cock. Before I could say anything, Tim put a
rubber on me, lubed it up, and straddled me before easing himself down
onto my erection. His little dick was still hard and I started to lightly
stroke it. alt universe babylon 5
I naturist 15 yr
could feel it throbbing in my hand as I felt Tim tighten his
ass around my cock. Slow and steady, slow and steady Tim pulled himself
off then settled back down. I took my hand away from his cock and began 13 yo getting fucked
to massage his inner
thighs, working my thumbs into his tender, nearly hairless skin from
mid-thigh up to his groin and up over his cock stopping before the head,
then returning to mid-thigh. He was breathing harder as his orgasm
approached. I didn't know whether he was giving japanese porn mp4
himself one, or if I was
doing anything to help, but as soon as come shot out I grabbed his cock
and stroked it, milking everything he had left. Tim collapsed down onto my come 1960 s masterbation
covered chest and abdomen just as I
came. I put my arms around him and held him to me 12 i am fool
as I lost myself in
short, quick thrusts into his young ass. "I've never done that," Tim whispered in my ear. "Done it like
that to make myself come. I kind of liked doing it that way. Thank sex pregnant sex mp4
you." 1670s dress and musi
"Hey, no problem, okay? That's what friends are for, right?" "Yeah, I guess. You'd like to free sample 12yo girl
be my friend, like Kiel?" "Not like Kiel." "Huh?" "He said you two weren't having sex." "Nah, we play tennis and hang out, mostly. We've done a couple
models together." "Well, knowing how athletic he is, it's not surprising he plays
tennis, too, but the modeling is a surprise." "Do you build 5 very sexy asses
models?" "I stopped a couple years ago. I didn't know anyone who 454 girdle
was doing
that kind of stuff, so I lost interest, I guess." "Maybe, you and Kiel and I can get together sometime and build
something. TUBE HO5SE PORN SEX
Then Kiel and I can have our way with you." "I'd like that, but you'll have to convince Kiel to fuck me." "You want that donkey 14yo naked pix
dick up your ass?" "I called it a donkey dick and he practically killed me." "Better you 70 yr porn
than me." "What the killing or the fucking?" "Both." Tim put his lips to mine and we kissed and kissed and kissed and we
came again, Tim twice.