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Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 02:13:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Greg
Subject: I've Got the Best Family ch pree teen modells
26I've Got the Best FamilyBy: Photo Guy (fotogme11yahoo.com)
Proofreader and Story Consultant: SteveThe author copyrights this story, with permission for posting on the Nifty
Archive. It may not be copied to another website without prior permission
from the author.This fictional story involves gay sex between family members and their
friends, and it is written solely for the reading enjoyment of people who
aren't offended by material little girlsmodels
of turk teeny models
this willey teen model
type! If you are underage, or this
type of material is illegal where you live, please leave now.***Thanks for your email after chapter twenty-five. I'm only coolmodels
sorry that I
can't please everybody with my story, but for me at least, adding the
additional characters has kept the writing enjoyable. I'm already forming
plans in my head for the third story in this saga. There's still a lot
about their lives that I want to tell you.If you'd like to join the Yahoo! Group for my stories, you can do kiddy models pics
here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ill_suck_you/join***I hope all you guys enjoy this chapter!***
Chapter Twenty-Six(Ryan narrates.)David and Carlos got their wish Friday night; Kaiden and I each let both of
them fuck us.You might think since they were identical twins, it would be like the same
guy doing it twice, but it wasn't ... not at all! While the guys and their
cocks were the same size, each twin's unique personality came out in how
they made love. When Carlos took his turn fucking me, I was sure glad my
butt was already filled with lube and David's cum! Because he really
pounded me, fast and hard, while David had been more gentle and seemed like
he wasn't in such a big hurry. tiny modelstopless teens
I gotta tell you ... both ways were a lot
of fun for me, but I think I enjoyed David more ...Anyway, I was surprised the next morning, when Carlos asked if Kaiden and kid nudes model
wanted to ride out to an old ranch site, and see how the early settlers
used to live on the edge of the Front Range. Kaiden said it really sounded
like lots of fun, but he had an upset stomach and didn't tamara teen model
feel like
horseback riding. He sandlmodels galleries
hoped I would have a good time with the twins,
though. And after slipping into shorts, the three of us had a big, late
breakfast, stuffed a few snacks into a knapsack and filled some canteens
with water. Then Carlos tied a rolled-up blanket behind the saddle of his
horse and we prepared to set off for the old ranch site."Wait a minute, guys," I stated, lowering myself out of Flame's pretten models pictures
saddle and
handing the reins to David. "I wanna get my camera."As David laughed, I ran back into the house, found the tiny digital camera
and dropped it sexy gay modell
into the small pack on my back. And when I got back to the
corral, we headed out. The small, deeply tanned, brown torsos of Carlos
and David looked REALLY tiny, as they bobbed up and down, on the backs of
the tall, Appaloosa horses they chose to ride. They were two HOT guys, no
question about it. model paints
I couldn't help feeling cuties kids models
that I was sure lucky to columbian models nude
them as friends!We rode for a little while, following some now almost forgotten wagon
tracks ... or maybe it was just a weed-choked, rutted road ... across the
prairie towards the mountains. And while it was probably only three or
four miles, I was sure glad we decided to go on horseback, rather than little vagina models
there, like Chris and Tyler had done with Luke last sammijo model
weekend.As we turned the corner at the base of one of the foothills, suddenly, it
looked like we were teen model 12y
in a different world! Our three horses were entering
the mouth of a small canyon that had been unseen only a few moments before.
Pausing for a moment, David pointed to top model tgp
a couple of buildings on the valley
floor ahead of us."That's where we're headed," he said, looking off in the distance and then
towards me. "I nonude ls models
think you're gonna like it, Ryan.""I bet," I replied with a smile.I didn't know models panties kids
whether I'd like the old ranch, or not; but I knew I'd have
fun with the twins, no matter where we were, or what we beautiful kids models
were doing!"Wow! This IS awesome!" I exclaimed, as we got closer to the old
structures."Wouldn't this have been a cool place to live?" Carlos asked in reply."It sure would," I answered, dismounting my horse.A small stream flowed across the valley floor, nearby. And as we loosely
tied our horses to model porn agency
some old, weathered wood, I looked around. There was a
small two-story house that looked like preeteens models us
it had been vacant forever; at one
time, I guess it had been painted white. Close beside it, stood the
remains of a much smaller one-story building that might have once been
someone's home, too. modelos kids xxx
Set back a ways from the two houses, a couple of
walls from an old barn were still standing, but the roof had caved in many
years before.I pulled out my camera and began to snap pictures of the old ranch site."This is really cool" I exclaimed."It sure is," David replied with a big smile; and I snapped a pic of him.There was a jumbled mass of gray, sun-bleached wood between the houses and
the barn that had probably been a corral of some kind. And we picked our
way among the posts and broken down rails. At one point, Carlos climbed
onto one of the boards and pointed to the nearby hillside."Look at littles models girls
the waterfall ... over there," he said, smiling for the camera.Sure enough, the stream that cut across the valley must have begun higher
up in the Rockies. The waterfall wasn't tall, like the one we saw up in
the mountains during our hike last month, but it was pretty nice, anyway.
The water tumbled over the shoulder of the hill to our right, before
abruptly falling several feet to the level where we stood.I asked both twins to stand together, next to a still standing part of the
corral fence. And as Carlos wrapped his arm around David naked shoulder,
pulling his brother close, I took several photos of both guys joking and
having fun, with the falling water in the distance, behind them."Hey ... let's check out the inside of the house," David suggested, pulling
away from his brother and turning towards the old dwelling."Okay," Carlos replied, and the three of us headed around to the front
yard.A couple of pieces of rotted small worlds model
rope were hanging from a big tree in teen model exposed
the front
yard. Maybe there had been a swing hanging from the tree, long ago. Had
kids lived in this house at one time? I wondered what it would have been
like growing up here.Quite a few of the windows had been broken out of the old house, and the
front door hung open on the bottom hinge. The door squealed in protest, as
David pushed it open further, and cautiously we entered the nastia model
building. Talk
about a mess! Except for the three sets of fairly recent footprints in the
thick dust on the floor ... I guess from the guys last weekend ... it
looked like nobody had been inside for years!If the outside of the house looked bad ... and it did ... then the interior
was awful. The faded wallpaper was hanging off the walls in shredded
strips, and it smelled of rot and sun-baked age. Cobwebs were everywhere;
and as we looked around, dodging them, I snapped a couple of pics of the
twins in the front room."How'd you like to live here, Ryan?" David asked with a laugh.Just then, a small, furry animal scurried out from behind one of the few
pieces of ragged, broken-down furniture, and through the doorway into
another room."I don't think so," I laughed in reply. "It looks like teen models imageboard
it already mature secretary models
to someone else!"Both twins laughed in agreement; and as we went from room to room on the
first floor, it seemed like one was worse than the other, if that was
possible. With Carlos leading the way, we climbed the rickety stairs to
the second floor. And the sickening-sweet smell of decay, that hadn't been
too bad downstairs, overpowered us when we reached the landing at the top."Damn next top model
... there's something dead up here!" Carlos exclaimed, holding his
nose and pushing through us. "I'm getting out of here!"David and I held our breath, too, following Carlos down the stairs and out
the front door into the fresh air and sunshine, where we breathed deeply.Gladly leaving the old house behind, the three of us spent a long time
exploring the rest of the homestead. And before long, teen models beach
the oppressive
atmosphere of the two-story dump was forgotten, as we goofed around and had
fun. I snapped shot after shot of the twins, and they really seemed to
enjoy having their pictures taken. Both Carlos and David hammed it up in
front of the camera, and the twins took a few snapshots of me, too, as the
late morning quickly turned into mid-afternoon."I'm getting hungry," David stated at one point."Me too," Carlos added. "Let's get out the food!"We spread the blanket from behind Carlos' saddle beside the stream, near
the corral, and broke out the trail mix and atlanta craigslist model
bbwadult model searches
grapes we'd brought chicklets bbw model
with us.
There was plenty of shade around, but Carlos opened the blanket in the
sunshine. I guess he wanted to work on his tan; and neither David nor I
complained!Lunch REALLY hit the spot! We lounged around on the blanket, as we
alternately popped handfuls of nuts and dried fruit, or grapes, teen models nude
into our
mouths, washing them down with generous swigs of cool water from the
canteens. When the meal was almost over, David laughed as he tossed a
grape at Carlos' mouth. Carlos missed it; but the three of us had fun
throwing grapes at each other, and trying to catch them in our open mouths!Except for the awful smell inside the house, this had been a great day.
And after eating, I leaned back on my arms and closed my eyes, basking in
the warmth of the afternoon sunshine. There was gentle movement behind me,
and suddenly, I felt chinese female models
lips pressing against mine. My eyes popped open, and
I leaned all of my weight on my right hand, as I stroked David's thick,
curly brown hair with the other."Mmmm ... that was nice," I cooed, when David pulled back for a moment."For sure!" David exclaimed with a big smile, as he crawled foto underground models
beside me and
sat next to my belly. Then he turned to his brother, with a question on
his deeply tanned face. "Can I kiss you, Carlos?" he asked tentatively."Yeah ... I think I'd like that," Carlos smiled.Without hesitating, David walked on his knees, over to where his twin was
sitting cross-legged. He wrapped his arms around Carlos, and planted a big
kiss on his lips. I just stared in awe, as the model nude oceania
two boys went at each
other. It was like watching a guy make love to an exact duplicate of
himself. And pubescent sexy models
I could only guess what it would feel like to actually be
doing it with someone whose body was identical to my own.Suddenly, I remembered I had a camera with me; and after finding it, I
clicked off several photos of the twins making out. I gotta tell you, I
was amazed at how much those guys enjoyed pleasuring each other. And when
they finally came up for air, my mouth was gaping open."How long model nonude toplist
have you guys been fooling around with each other?" I asked, with
a big grin."Um ... we've naked nude models
never australian gay models
kissed like this, before," Carlos answered, glancing at
his brother for a moment. "But we've been jacking off together, like
forever."Both brothers laughed."You mean it ... forever?" I questioned."Well, it sure seems like it," Carlos replied. "David says we were born
with our cocks in our hands." Then, with another laugh, Carlos paused for
a moment, before continuing. "Maybe it wasn't really jacking off; but I
can remember the two of us with our tiny pee-pees in our hands, when we
were just little kids."David agreed."It's not the same with Robert; but whenever I find something I like, I
always tell David about naked beauty models
it right away," Carlos added, wrapping his right
arm around his twin and pulling him close."Si, mi hermano," David smiled childmodel nonnude
at Carlos. "When something feels good to
me, I gotta share it with you, first thing, too!"The two guys kissed again. Obviously kissing fell into the category of
something that felt good to the twins ... and I could have watched the two
of them make love to each other, forever. But my cock had other ideas;
just watching wasn't enough nonude models nude
for him ... not by a long shot! I sat down my
camera, joining the twins' kiss. And they welcomed me with open arms.In no time at all, the three of us were naked. Our deeply tanned bodies
must have been quite a sight ... if anyone had been there to see it ... on
that colorful blanket, under the intense Colorado summer sun. We writhed
against one another, as the twins and I groped each other lustily. Our
lips and tongues explored each other's bodies, searching out every curve
and crevice. The three of us went at it for a long time, and everybody got
to make both of the other guys cum. After the last orgasm had run its
course, all of a sudden, it seemed like all three of us were tired. All of
our bodies ... and the blanket ... were covered in boy juice; but none of
us seemed to care, as we nodded off in each other's arms.When I woke up sometime later, the twins were already awake; and they'd
moved off to the side, a little ways. I propped myself up on my right
elbow, watching them for a moment. Both twins were quietly lying on their
backs, watching the clouds drift across the sky.One of them noticed that I'd woken up, and he smiled at me before
commenting, "Wow, Ryan ... this has sure been an awesome day!""Yeah, I don't know when I've had more fun than last night and today," the
other twin agreed. "We need to do this again, child underwear models
real soon!""Any time," I replied, agreeing that the last twenty-four hours had tinymodel cherry
amazing. And noticing that the sun was getting lower in the western sky, I
added, with a touch of sadness in my voice, "I jessimodel florence
hate for it to end ... but I
guess it has to."Reluctantly, David and Carlos agreed; and with difficulty, we washed the
crusty cum off our torsos, in the cold water of the shallow creek. When we
were fairly clean, the twins and I dried off on the blanket, found our
shorts and shoes and slipped into them for the ride home. All three of the
horses had pulled free from where we'd loosely tied them, but they'd cessna 310 model
wandered far enough to find some grass to eat and pt teen models
water to drink. We
easily rounded them up, and mounted our steeds for the ride back to the
house.After we arrived back at the stables, we supermodels nude free
unsaddled the horses; and the
twins were getting ready to petite japanese models
head to their house, when I spoke up."I think I got some great pics of you guys, today," I said, taking off my
pack and fishing for the camera. "Do you wanna see them?""You bet!" David answered.Pushing a couple of buttons, I held the tiny camera in front of me. All
three of us had fun looking at the photos of the twins. Back then, I
didn't know anything about models ... and not a whole lot about photography
... but I nonude models pre
guess the twins were naturally photogenic, bittorrent sandra model
because some of the
photos were awesome! Carlos and David picked out a few, and asked me to
email the pics to them when I had a chance; then they started to head
towards their house."See you guys for the game tomorrow?" I asked."I wouldn't miss it!" David advised with a smile."Me either," Carlos added. "See you then."And with that, they trudged home. I watched their retreating backsides for
quite a while. Damn, I was glad to have both of them for friends!I guess the lack of sleep last night, and all the fresh air and sunshine
today, must have taken its toll on me. Because even with the nap earlier,
after we finished our late dinner, I told the guys that I was going to bed
... just to sleep, this time!The next morning, Ben and Tina joined the rest of us for a mid-morning
breakfast of pancakes with a delicious, fresh fruit salad topping. Josh
made large, plate-sized, golden-brown pancakes ... just the way teen model blog
I liked
them. And at the last minute, he sliced a couple of bananas into the fruit
salad that Maria had prepared yesterday."What, page3 models
no syrup?" Kaiden asked, and I felt the same nude hummer models
way.Of course, Josh had maple syrup; but he insisted that we at least try the
fruit topping, nele model nn
first. And the bottle of syrup remained in the refrigerator
for the whole meal!"That was the best pancake I've ever eaten!" Ben declared, holding the last
bite on his fork, just above the plate."It sure was," Tina agreed. "I'd have never thought of pancakes and fruit
salad together. But it really works!""Thanks," Josh replied. "My mom used to make them that way once in a great
while. They taste good, and are better for you than eating all that sugary
syrup.""Can I have seconds?" Chris asked. "Maybe a smaller one this time."Fortunately, there was still a little batter left in the bowl, and both
Chris and Tyler got a tiny second pancake. And after we finished eating,
each of us put our plates and glasses in the dishwasher. Josh added the
mixing bowl and skillet, while Tina cleaned off the counter with a sponge.
Then Josh picked up a tube from the floor beneath his stool, pulled out a
roll of large papers and spread several pages of blueprints on the counter."Wow ... that was fast work!" Ben stated. "When did model more sexy
you get these?""I guess I must have pulled a few strings," Josh chuckled. "A courier
brought them out late yesterday afternoon. The architect called
beforehand, and said he'd be out tomorrow morning to go over them with us."Josh also brought out Tim's sketch of the studio, and the two men poured
over the prints, comparing them to the sketch, while the rest of us looked
on with mild interest."What do you think, Ben?" Josh asked, after several minutes."It looks damn close to what Tim and I want; as far as I can tell, at
least," Ben answered.It seemed that the studio teeny nudist model
would have a large, open interior space, with a
couple of cyc walls, as Ben kept calling them. Finally, I had to ask him
what he was talking about."What in the world is a cyc wall, nude hd models
anyway?" l blurted out; and everybody
besides Ben shook their heads that they wanted to know, too."Sorry guys," Ben laughed, "It's just a wall with a curve at the base of
it, so art photo model
there's no seam between the wall and the floor. It makes for a
better background for product shots."He told us that with two cyc walls, a couple of photographers could be
working on different projects at the same time, without getting in each
other's way. Also, there was to be an open room with a couch and a couple
of chairs, next to a small kitchen area. Ben described this as a place for
clients to relax, or work, during a shoot."I'll have a few questions for the architect in the morning," Ben added,
pausing thoughtfully. "But I need to make a trip into Boulder sometime,
tomorrow. What time did porno model teen
he say he'd be here, anyway?""Nine-ish," Josh replied with a laugh. "I'm not sure what that means,
exactly."I had fun looking at the blueprint, but I couldn't really tell much from
all the lines and notations. However, I supposed they meant something to
the people who would do the construction.Right after the normal late-Sunday lunch, and when everything had been
cleaned up and taken inside, Kaiden and I decided to try out the hammock in
the back yard. (It was still an hour, or so, before the touch football
game was to begin.) And while we were lying in it, enjoying the gentle
breeze from out of the mountains, we heard the sound of an teen 12yearsold models
approaching ATV.
It was coming from the hot fitness models
pasture on the north side of the barn, and as I
looked in that direction, Devon and Jared drove into view."Hey, Devon," infants models
Kaiden yelled. "Ryan and I are back here in the hammock."Both boys walked towards us, and Devon had a big smile on his face. Maybe
the time at his uncensored models
grandparents hadn't been as awful as asian import model
he'd naked playgirl models
expected. Or
else, he was just glad to get back!"Hey, squirt," vlad nude model
Jared said, with a laugh in my direction. "Where are your
brother's at, anyway?""I don't know, Jared," I sneered. "I think they're in the house,
someplace."With a nod, models young crying
Jared walked to the back door and looked in, knocking a couple
of times. Tyler opened the door, and Jared disappeared inside."Hi, guys!" Devon answered, as soon as his brother walked off. nude model needed
"Can I get
on there with you?""Sure," Kaiden said; and my brother and I rolled to one side of the large
hammock, making room for Devon to join us.He had a hard time climbing on ... if you've ever been in a hammock, you
can probably understand why ... and all three of us ended up on the ground!
Nobody was hurt, though; and after a couple of tries, we were petite models ls
all able to
find a comfortable place in the double-sized hammock, sitting cross-legged."Did you guys have fun with the chlid model
twins Friday night?" Devon asked, pulling
his shirt over his head and tucking it in the waistband of his shorts, so
he was bare-chested, like Kaiden and me."Uh-huh," supermodels are lonely
I replied, again admiring the golden tan on his chest and
shoulders, "lots of fun. How'd it go at your grandma's?"Devon smiled that awesome smile of his."You wanna hear?" he answered by asking a question of his own."Of course," Kaiden said, watching Devon, as he carefully leaned back on
his elbows."Well, it SURE wasn't what I expected," Devon began. "When Jared got home
late from football practice, Mom and Dad were mad, because it made us get a
late start. I just knew I was gonna dread the whole trip!""But Grandma had a great meal ready for us when we arrived ... fried
chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and homemade ice cream ... something we
never have at home. Grandma's cooking is the very best. And even though I
complained about going, I WAS glad to see her, and Grandpa, too ..."Devon didn't say much about the rest of the evening, until they got ready
for bed. The sleeping arrangements on Friday night were exactly what he'd
feared ... both guys on a daybed together, in the closed-in front porch of
his grandparents' house."I don't think I'd like sleeping in the same bed with Jared, either," I
commented. att model 74108
I was sure glad I had my brothers ... and not one like Jared.Devon nodded as he smiled."I told you guys that he's been acting josie model topless
kinda strange," Devon said."I don't know," Kaiden began. "He sure seemed like himself, to me!"Devon just laughed, before he went on with his story. "It was a tight fit
for the two of us, but we talked for a little while, and then teenmodels underground
both of us
went to sleep. Saturday, some of our other relatives came over, and the
day went by pretty fast.""Jared had been sorta nervous-like all nude 17yo model
day ... he gets that way, sometimes.
And it got worse, when bedtime rolled around. Anyways, private model
after the grown-ups
had turned off the preeten videos models
lights and gone to bed, we were lying side by side in
the daybed, talking again, when Jared cleared his throat.""'Ummm ... Devon ... I mean ... d-do you wanna f-feel my dick?' Jared
really stuttered like that!" Devon said with a big smile."No way!" I exclaimed. This was starting to sound interesting!"Grandma and Grandpa's house has lots of windows in the front porch; and
the street lights meant that it wasn't really dark in the room," Devon
commented, excitedly. models 12 nn
"Anyways, I REALLY wanted to feel Jared's cock, and
I reached my hand between his legs, and petted his stiff babes models 12yo
rod through his
briefs.""Wow! Was it ever hard!" Devon new model sveta
exclaimed. Devon paused for a moment and
then continued, "Jared russian teenmodels
just moaned, real sexy-like.""That sounds awesome!" Kaiden declared, glancing towards me.And I remembered the first time I felt Kaiden up, in that sleeping bag out
by the barn. It seemed like a long time ago, now; but it had really just
happened earlier this summer."Yeah," Devon continued, breathlessly. "And then, Jared reached over and
felt my dick. I hadn't been hard at all, when we started talking, but by
the time I felt Jared's hand on my cock, it was as hard as a nail!""And he didn't say anything about you still having cute teen model
a little cock?" I asked,
remembering some of Jared's earlier comments about Devon's size."No, nothing," Devon said. "Nothing at all! And he was moaning SO loud
when I played with him ... I was afraid Mom and Dad would hear."Devon laughed again. I was so happy for him, because I knew how much he'd
wanted something like this with his brother."Finally, I threw back the sheet, reaching inside Jared's underwear; and he
pulled them down, urgently kicking them off his feet," Devon recalled. "I
really took ahold of his cock, then. Looking over at Jared, I noticed he
had his eyes closed, but there was a smile on his lips. His young model incest
dick was so
big, WAY hard and felt really hot in my fist. I stefi model nude
sure hope my dick grows nude models gallry
big as his!""I began to pump Jared ... like you taught me, Ryan ... fast and hard. And
he must have really been enjoying it, the way his body was writhing next to
me.""'Oh fuck! Oh fuck!' he whispered loudly. Then he began to spray all over
his chest. Jared's not like you little nadia model
guys. When he cums, he squirts in latin porn models
direction at the same time!" Devon laughed.Kaiden and I laughed with him. I bet it DID make a real mess."So, did you guys stop there?" I asked."No," Devon said. "I would have never thought Jared would do it. But he
told me to pull down my briefs, he took my prick in his fist and pumped me
... and not just a little bit, either. He gave me an stargate 3d models
awesome dry cum!""But then the best thing happened," Devon paused for a moment; and I think
he had both of us wondering nudity models
what could be better than having a brother give
you an orgasm. "Jared said he had a lot of fun ... and he hoped I'd want
do it with him, again!""Like I asian nude modelcom
was gonna say no!" Devon commented with a grin. "I don't internainal model toplist
know what
came over Jared. I mean ... he'd been acting weird, lately, but I never
expected any of what happened. I couldn't believe the change in Jared."Kaiden and I told Devon how happy we were for him, and that we hoped things
would only get better between him and his brother. I didn't realize it
until later, but while Devon was talking, I must have started fondling my
throbbing cock through my shorts. Because when he was through telling us
about that night, I was almost ready to cum. And I wondered if Devon and
Kaiden also felt like getting some relief before young model 13y
the game ...***Well, this looks like a good place to end this chapter. I hope you guys
enjoyed it! It sounds like Devon and his brother has a fun weekend, after
all.If you'd like to aubie lemon model
send me an email, I'd sure like to hear from you!
(fotogme11yahoo.com)As my work schedule has picked up, my writing time has decreased. But
barring something unforeseen, I should be able to continue to post a
chapter a week until we come to the teen model susanna
end of this story, sometime in June.Have a great week, everybody! Greg